Why me? Why the “Not so obvious”? Why care? Here’s why…

Have you ever had an interaction with a person; stranger or friend, and after it was finished you sat there thinking, “What in the hell just happened?” Well, it happens to me daily.  My name is Caitlyn and I would love to share my daily weirdness with the world…  Or potentially just the 6 people that may accidentally stumble upon this and give it a whirl.  Like I wrote in my profile info, I want to be clear that I am not a doctor, teacher, politician, scientist, genius, evil mastermind, blue fin tuna, (just checking if you’re paying attention).  I am just a very observant and opinionated person.  A little history:

It ALL started one snowy day back in 1985…  Just kidding…  I am 29 years old.  i currently live in Iowa City, Iowa. USA.  I have done some world traveling, lived in San Francisco for a number of years, YEAH!  Lived in LA for 1 year (eeeek) and made my way back here when my boyfriend made the long hustle out to LA and put a ring on it.  I bar tended my way through college and now I have the pleasure of continuing weekend bar tending to make my way through student loans (a big SORE spot for me and a future blog post for sure).  I also have a big kid job.  One with an office and dress slacks, and an 8-5 requirement.  I sell my soul every day to make quarterly sales goals.  I should also mention that I went to school for clinical psychology…  Why should I mention this?  Because it’s HILARIOUS.  If any of you are like me, you know that a BS in Clinical Psych is exactly what it says B.S.!  So I sell my little heart out and wait for the day that I get JUST irritated enough to retake my GRE’s and reestablish my fractured relationship with higher education.

I am prepared to talk to you about my experiences, my friend’s experiences, random people I accidentally overhear at Starbucks’ experiences and many many more.  If you relate that’s great.  It means we’re not alone in the world 🙂 I can be cynical, I like to try to keep it funny, and I can be serious.  But I will never lie to you.  I really hope you enjoy my future stories, or at the very least, turn your head and know someone else out there has it worse than you 🙂  Thank you all for taking the time and I am excited to see what comes of this!



5 thoughts on “Why me? Why the “Not so obvious”? Why care? Here’s why…

  1. Many

    Yay! I love ur rants, I wish this blog could be our conversation! Be sure to do a write up of Maury lol!

  2. Gho St

    I disagree you might be an evil mastermind and if you can tell me the difference between a doctor and a prize; Ill buy you a drink.


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